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Vintage Police Baton 3d model.  Created with Blender 2.79 (.blend file included).  UV mapped and includes diffuse, specular and normal map textures. Origin set to grip location, intended and tested for use in UE4. Import files into UE4, then create material from provided textures (Importing fbx will create material but you will need to manually import and set the diffuse texture to base color slot, normal map to normal slot etc…) Rar file containing: 3d Model File: SM_Vintage_Baton.fbx, Wood diffuse texture: (D_Vintage_Baton_Wood.png),  Normal maps: (N_Vintage_Baton_Wood.png and N_Vintage_Baton_Plain.png), Specular map: S_Vintage_Baton_Wood.png, Blender file: VintagePoliceBaton.blend Instructions: Readme.txt 

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