About the Product

Unreal Save and Load System (For Unreal Engine 4)

Important Information:

  • Last Tested on the most recent engine version released at the time of development
  • This is a template for new beginners and seasoned developers of Unreal Engine to start with.
  • Lastly you only need to buy One copy of this product

What is it?

This product is a complete unreal engine 4 content example project template, showing the developer a basic Save and Load system, in two parts

  • Saving / Loading from a Menu
  • Saving from an in-game check point system.

All custom blueprints and menus have been documented the package, with easy to follow comments.

A game area (Test Level) has been created to showcase the package in action, this test level can be altered or used as a guide for the developer moving forward.

Preview – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioGaiwsKIlE

What is included with this package?

  • An Unreal Engine 4 – Third Person Setup (With Slight Custom Setup done to the character blueprint) (Note: Easily Replicated on Other Examples such as First Person etc.)
  • Four custom interfaces
    • Start Menu
    • Pause Menu
    • Saving Icon
    • Hint Screen

  • Three Custom Unreal Engine 4 Save and Load Setup Blueprints

  • Two Custom Levels (Each Showcasing the Save and Load System fully setup)
    • Main Menu
    • GameArea

  • Assets Folder: Contains Unreal Engine 4 Content (Stairs) and Custom Save Logo used in GameArea Example
  • Full ReadMe Document. (Word Format)

What Do I need to do to understand this Product?

Simple a basic understanding of Unreal’s blueprint system and the ability to read comments to understand what is going on where.

Can I move these Assets to an Active Project?

100% yes, simply follow and setup like in the example levels and you are good to go.

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