About the Product

Unity Advanced Menu System (Unity 5)

What is it?

This product is a complete Menu System for any Unity Game, allowing you to pick and choose audio options, jump between levels, win and lose system.

*New allow you to Save User Preferences on Volume*

No More Need to Worry About building Menus and Options, this will allow you to get right into the fun part of Game Development.

All Scripts are 100% commented to make it easy to understand what is doing what

What is included with this package?

  • 6 Ready Made Scenes
  • 3 Template Image Assets
  • 2 Ready Made Prefebs (One to Control switching between levels the other is a temp play space)
  • 5 Custom Scripts to Control the Basics Of Your System

What Do I need to do to understand this Product?

Any Version of Unity Installed and the Drive to Jump right in, simply import the ready to go package. Go to Assets / Import Package

Can I move these Assets to an Active Project?

100% yes.

Some Sample Images of the Base Package (Remember Everything is Ready to Go)

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