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Textures: 2048×2048

Animations 26 (includes base model and starting pose)

Rigged: Yes

Also includes the UE asset folder with ueasset files

First in a series of war models that will span from infantry, vehicles and structures. Everything a rts dev would need.

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$1.00 – Purchase Includes 25% tax
Game Dev Central Exclusive? Yes
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Media Type(s) Static / Skeletal Meshes, Textures / Materials
Included File Types FBX PNG TXT Material setup guide images
URL https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D6UtT63vS9vE%26t%3D3s&h=ATP5RvI-mqHfu1p454aXQYhC6-yd-0m18cYiHsmP_1fck73upgRk8nIF_tfwX2HOw_Db5vbxPjjKHQ0mWcn8kIFzEp8-e5c7VtlIl2AdfMG_2FNSSFeK6M53V4MixKdyeMCLECSSZhk2CajxsAttCuSVwvFy0eZJUK_OgHmktup6AcAvc9Mo-FKliVc1OQr7vwUzA23LwfrDDir8gWt-KOGMaObI68OOgrAV84FN4yth7ytHHPKkbjL09jrAb2reOpdLJVN6BkYsw4TgIGd6mQcu_T_zw6rQgfE_cgtWAtOaVS_MqHI3ecOhkcg
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