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60+ landscape models( all sharing 1 material)- Low poly

x1 bunker

x1 animated flag

x1 sandbag

x1 human sniper with animations x23 animations

Heavy and normal troopers not included as shown in showcase.

Made to work in Unreal 4.17.1

  • Please note when using fbx imports the sniper added two extra weird looking anims with it. Just delete those weird imports. The animation will work fine.
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Game Dev Central Exclusive? Yes
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Media Type(s) Static / Skeletal Meshes, Textures / Materials
Included File Types FBX And the UE asset folder with all setups and meshes and animations with it. png- textures all at 2048x2048
URL https://youtu.be/VKI0mCn6cS0
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