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This pack contains some horror props that can be used in different games as they are of classical stuffs.
Each mesh is properly retopoloziged and game ready .

This pack contains Uasset only, and they are PBR shaders 
The materials are ready and assigned properly to their slots. So you wont have to make materials , you can directly use them in Unreal Engine 4 .

Textures : Resolution == 2k

Composite Image : 
       Red Channel : Roughness 
       Green Channel : Ambient Occlusion 
       Blue Channel : Metalic 

Each mesh and its images are in separate folders , so you wont have to search them individually 🙂 Just drag and drop into your level and have fun with them 🙂 

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Game Dev Central Exclusive? Yes
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Media Type(s) Static / Skeletal Meshes, Textures / Materials
Included File Types uasset
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