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GR Nature Pack v1 (21 Trees & 1 Landscape) For Unreal Engine 4 (4.10 – 4.23)

GR_Nature_Pack_v1_ (21 Trees & One 4k Landscape)

Youtube Video Link : https://youtu.be/owCuedUM8Pc

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Short Info :

21 Different Trees, 3 Types , many variations with wind effect,

with & without Roots & a 4k Landscape included.

Good for making nice Forests.

Unreal Engine 4 Ready!

Compatible Engines are :

4.10 up to 4.23.

Platforms :

PC x86 x64 / MAC – PlayStation – XBox – Nintendo – VR.

Includes the following :

Static Meshes : 21 (21 Different Trees with Wind)

Materials : 116

Material Instances : 1

Textures : 161

Texture Resolutions : 1 k up to 4k

Trees are 1k -2k

Landscape Textures Def. 2k Upscale up to 4k.

Requirements :

Download the free SpeedTree plugin on Ue4 Marketplace & activate it.

For the wind effect to work, Drag a wind actor in your scene,

there you can tweak how strong the wind is.

Additional Info :

This is a Complete Project, to use it in your own projects do the following :

1) Open my GR_Nature_Pack_v1_ Project.

2)Right Click on GR_Nature_Pack_v1_ Folder

3) Click on “Migrate”

4) Point it to your own project in the “Content” Folder.

5) Do Not Forget To Install The SpeedTree Plugin and Activate it in Your Project.

6) Enjoy!

7) Share the Buy Page with your friends.

8) The more i sell, the more i can expand my Library and make more nice assets for you guys!

I hope you like it & Thx for buying.

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Media Type(s) Static / Skeletal Meshes, Textures / Materials
Included File Types Unreal Engine 4 Complete Project.
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