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This is all the Sound effects that I made for SmartBot (My game).

NOTE: Not all sound Effects in this pack is used in SmartBot yet, also not all sound effects from the game is in this pack because I didn’t make the other sounds.


Sound FX Pack include:

  1. Giant Robot Death Sound
  2. “Exterminate!” Robot Sound
  3. “Robot Presence Detected, calling for defense…” sound
  4.  Single Light Flicker Sound
  5. Sci-Fi Soldier Death Sound
  6. “Exterminate!” Giant Robot Sound
  7. SmartBot/SuperBot talking Beep sound


If you want to use these sound fx, then you shouldn’t claim this as your own and credit me as “Ali107”.

If you want to check out SmartBot then go to this link on itch.io. (Download Latest version for better experience)


Have fun using my sound effects! 🙂

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