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BoobyTrap 1 Crushing Ceiling And GraveYard Assets Pack Complete Scene

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Boobytrap Scene!
You Start in a GraveYard with an entrence to the BooyTrap Dungeon where you have limited time to solve it or die.
GraveYard Asset Pack.

Supported Engine Versions : 4.10 – 4.23.

Supported Platforms :

PC Win x86-64, Mac, Linux / Paystation / XBox / Switch / Android / VR.

Full Description :

A Grave Yard Asset Pack with TombStones (small & larger ones), Crosses, Caskets, Gates With open/close Sound, Spiked Walls, Bend Spiked Walls, Graves, (Almost all GraveYard Meshes can also be used as Broken Pieces), Skeletons, Nice 4 k Landscape (Mud, Rocky, Puddle, Grass & Nice Looking Mountain Rock)

Sliding Doors, Skeletons And of Course Spikes, and the Crushing Ceiling, And Fire Stands/Bowls with Sound and 4 Different Fire Effects.

There is a Secret Entrence in the GraveYard so you can acces the BoobyTrap Chamber,
Once there, there are multiple Trigger Zones that will trigger Entire BoobyTrap deppending on where you go in the room,
Closing Doors, Spikes Triggering, Ceiling falling down to crush you!
There is a Secret Escape Door for you to find in time or die.

Made with Ue4 .10 , for max compatibility between Engines 4.10 – 4.23.

I Hope you Enjoy it.

YouTube Demo Video :


Technical Information


A Grave Yard Asset Pack with TombStones and Broken ones.

Crosses, Caskets, Gates With open/close Sound, Spiked Walls, Bend Spiked Walls, Graves, (Almost all GraveYard Meshes can also be used as Broken Pieces), Skeletons, Nice 4 k Landscape, BoobyTraps Anims.

Texture Sizes:

512 Mb

1 k

2 k

4 k

Collision: Yes, Complex Collision As Simple.

Number of Meshes: 111

Materials 107

Material Instances 16

Number of Textures: 239 in Total Includ. Normals & AO/Roughn/Metalic.

BluePrints : 19

Particles : 4

Sounds : 14

Supported Development Platforms: All

Supported Target Build Platforms: All

Documentation: See Below

How to use :

1) Open the Booby Trap Crushing Ceiling project

2) RightClick Booby_Trap_Crushing_Ceiling Folder, and click “Migrate”.

3) Point it to your own project “Content” Folder and Done!

4) Open your Project and look for the Folder named “Booby_Trap_Crusching_Ceiling”.

How to use the Animations with Blueprints :

Take any Static Mesh you want to use, drop it in your scene where you want it to be, right click => Make BluePrint.

To animate it, look at the coordinates where you placed the static Mesh X Y Z in your scene,

(look at my blueprints)

Copy those coordinates inside a timeline in your blueprint.

Move the mesh in your scene where it should be when it has moved, repeat the copy coordinates step.

Set at witch time/speed it should move/rotate and compile.

I hope you like it & don’t forget to RATE it ! 😉



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