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Seller related questions

How do I become a game asset seller on Game Dev Central?
Simply sign up for your own Dev Store HERE and you’re good to go in less than 5 minutes! (Remember to have a working paypal account in order to receive payments).

Is it free to open a dev store and sell game assets?
Yes, it is!

Do I still own my game assets if I upload and sell them on Game Dev Central?
Yes! Even if you sell your assets here, you may still sell them anywhere else you want.

Can I sell assets taken from my other online stores? Or, do they have to be unique only to Game Dev Central?
You are completely free to sell any assets you have – as long as you’re adhering to the guidelines of other marketplaces where you’re also selling the assets. Thus, they do not have to be unique to Game Dev Central. That being said, we surely do appreciate exclusives only available from your Dev Store here (but it’s not a requirement) ๐Ÿ˜‰

How do I make money selling my game assets on Game Dev Central?
You get 90 % commision on all your sales. This basically means that if someone buys your asset pack for $10, you’ll get paid $9ย (minus a few transactional fees from PayPal, and taxes) – you can read more about this in the Terms of Agreement underย Sale of Game Assets and Payment Provisions.

Can I get paid only through PayPal?
As of now, yes. But in the future we’ll implement other payment options.

Can I give away game assets for free?
Yes! Simply set the price of the product to 0 when creating it, and it will be free. We actually encourage every Dev Store owner to set one in five products as free – and then use those free products as part of their promotion to build their customer base.

I am logged in as a seller, but can’t find my seller dashboard … where is it?
In the top right corner, where it says “DEV STORE DASHBOARD”. Click that!

Can I sell game assets I have created myself?
Oh yes!

Can I sell game assets I find on the web?
Hell no – don’t even try!

What kind of game assets can I sell?
If the assets can be used in a game, you can sell ’em – easy as pie ๐Ÿ™‚

Am I restricted to only sell game assets for a few selected game engines?
Nope! You can sell assets for any game engines at all. If you want to sell assets for game engines not already included here, simply contact us and well create a new category for the engines to be included.

Okay, so I have registered a dev store and created a few products. What now?
Well, now that you have your own store (and store page with its own url), the best way forward is to promote your products so people know you got awesomeness waiting for them.

How do I promote my products and Dev Store?
This is a huge topic, but to give you some initial ideas, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1) Create a YouTube channel, then create tutorials and sell the assets you teach people to create. Or find other creative ways to use video as a way of making people interested in your products. Perhaps you could make videos where you play a self-made game filled with the assets you sell. Then link to your store page and/or individual products in the video descriptions.

2) Create a facebook page for your content, where you share everything in the creation process with your followers – give them sneak peeks of upcoming products, give stuff away for free for a limited time period, or whatever else you might think of – then link every post to the related assets or your Dev Store page.

3) Create a portfolio website for yourself showing off your stuff – again, link everything you can earn money on (or generally fuel more awareness of you awesome products) to your Dev Store or individual game asset products.

4) Create a newsletter for you portfolio website, so people can sign up to get news when you publish new products on Dev Central, or new tutorials on YouTube, etc.

5) Create an Instagram account where you post images of your smooth 3D stuff, again where you link to each product you sell/give away, so people can easily find it and follow you.

6)ย As you might think: Create accounts on the social media sites you enjoy the most, and then make that be all about your game dev assets and products. Just make sure to be smart and create content people find interesting, so it doesn’t scream “BUY ME” – but rather “sneak” it in between interesting content.

Good luck, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more promotional ideas!


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Customer related questions

Do I have to register a customer account to use Game Dev Central?
Not at all! But it might make it easier the next time you want to buy more assets ๐Ÿ™‚

How do I buy game assets on Game Dev Central?
Very easy: Simply find the assets you want and click the PURCHASE-button. They will then be added to your shopping cart. When you’re done adding products, you can either click the CHECKOUT-button, or click the shopping cart symbol in the tabs area at the top of the website. Then fill in the necessary info and click the big PURCHASE-button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be taken to paypal’s buy screen, and you’re about 2 seconds away from having some great new assets for your game-in-progress ๐Ÿ™‚

Can I pay with PayPal only?
As of now, yes. But in the future we’ll implement other payment options.

In the search function, can you specify ex. “lowest price first”?
Yep! In the Browse Products section, under “Sort by” you can sort all the products by either Date (default), Title, Price or Sales – and also whether you want the products to show up in ascending or descending (default) order.

Why can you buy multiple copies of the same asset? I don’t get that feature. It feels like 1 copy is all you need.
Yes, all you need is one copy – but you need to pay for each commercial license that you need. So, you don’t actually have to download the asset three times if you need it for three different commercial projects, but you still have to pay the Dev Store owner for three licenses.

Do you have any money back guarantee?
This is a tricky thing when it comes to digital products, since, once you buy it, you’ll keep owning it. It’s not like physical goods where you send your product back in return for your money. Therefore, it’s easy to abuse this. However, if you feel you’ve bought a product which is vastly different from what it’s made out to be on the product page, we encourage you to contact the Dev Store owner directly through the contact form on their store page. If this person doesn’t answer within reasonable time (say, a week), then feel free to contact us and explain the situation, and we’ll try to solve the problem in one way or the other.

I want to request assets from the Dev Store owners. Where can I do this?
That’s great! What you do is visit Game Dev Central’s Discord server HERE, and in the sub-channel request-assets, you’ll be able to request as many assets as you want. You can also contact any user with the role “Dev Store Owner” directly and ask if they can create and upload the assets you need.

How do I sign up for the Game Dev Central newsletter?
Our newsletter isn’t quite ready yet. Feel free to send us your email address through the contact form if you want to pre-sign up to ensure you start getting newsletters as soon as the service is ready.


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