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The (True) Story Behind

Game Dev Central

Welcome to the brand new (actually as of yet to be launched [ed. 08/12/17]) game asset marketplace Game Dev Central!

My name is Ben Ormstad, and I’ll hereby enlighten you as to why this place exists 🙂

It all began a stormy, fateful night 16. Mai 1985, when my mother birthed me into this cold, cynical reality of .. no, wait, what? Not that story!

From a 3D Game Design Student to an Unreal Engine Tutor

Oh, okay, well, then I guess we can say it all kinda started in 2013/14 when I began creating tutorials on YouTube for the then pretty brand new Unreal Engine 4 on my at the time not so active channel.

I already had an education in (among others) 3D Game Design from earlier, where we learned the basics of the now ancient Unreal Development Kit (UDK).

Thus, when UE4 arrived I started creating tutorials as I taught myself the ways of the new, updated engine from Epic.

At this time I think I had about 67 YouTube subscribers. Pretty much at the same time I created a companion-website to the channel, called where I posted (and still post, surely) all tutorials I created, nicely categorized and structured for the enjoyment of those looking for a wide variety of tutorials dealing with Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Blender, WordPress, GIMP, etc. + some free game assets in the downloads section.

From UE4 Tutorials to Game Dev Feedback Vids

Fast forward 4 years, and I’ve now recently passed 8000 subscribers, and has about 1000 visits each month.

Now, this is pretty nice, but it’s nowhere near as successful as I could’ve been if I uploaded a new video every two weeks, so why do I tell you about this? Why oh why in the (un)holy spectral light of the Earthbound world is this important, you ask?!?!!!1!!?

Well, you see, the summer 2016 it started to dawn on me that I was actually helping a pretty good lump of peeps around the world to master the art of creating games – albeit UE4 basics – and I started to play around with the thought of finding more ways to help my students specifically, and the growing game developer community in general.

In an initial video I asked my subscribers if they would like me to play their unfinished (or finished) indie game projects, and comment on what I thought was good, what could be improved, etc. – just in my humble, not too genius opinion, of course – and the response was great.

Behold the birth of the Unreal Dev Showcase and Feedback video series.

The series is going well, and even though I often feel pretty lame while spewing my well-intentioned but often not too well articulated thoughts, people seem to get value from the videos – and, I guess, some laughs and enjoyment as well.

At the moment I have more unfinished indie game projects waiting to be “videofied” than I’ll be able to finish this year, so that’s a good thing.

BUT, still I wasn’t completely satisfied with the value / help / assistance I gave to the game developer community, so I yet again submerged my higher self in the magical endevour of uncovering ideas that might do some good in this (digital?) world.

From an Urge to Help to a Game Developer Central

Established Game Marketplaces vs. My Vision of the Perfect Game Marketplace

I observed the game developer landscape, and what options the developers (indie devs especially) have for getting a hold of game assets for their games. There are a bunch of marketplaces out there, a few of which are very good. However, for me, none of them were exactly the way wanted them to be. Either

  • they take a too big cut of the asset creator’s sales, or
  • they take too much control of the game assets the creators sell, or
  • the seller’s must go through a too long, arduous verification process before being able to sell, or
  • they don’t have a good enough store only for their own products.

All these things made me realize this could be a perfect thing to further what I could do to help the game developer community – but this time not only the ones working in UE4, but all game developers, no matter which game engine they create games in, or what style of games they focus on.

This would be a great place to be a game asset creator for them to sell game assets! Therefore, I envisioned: On my utopian game developer central / marketplace

  • game asset creators would be granted 90% commision on their sales – even if it meant I would probably have to wait years before start making a profit on my investments – and the
  • game asset creators would get their entirely own store page they could share with others, with only their products included. At last,
  • game asset creators would be able to create a store and start selling in less than 10 minutes – as long as they had everything ready.

There, that would be a great game asset marketplace, I thought!

Slowly, steadily, I started developing the site in October 2016.

From Behind Closed Doors-Development to Official BETA

Fast forward an untold number of workhours and $$$ invested later, early June 2017 I started contacting some of the indie-developers I had created dev showcase vids for earlier, telling them about this Game Dev Central-marketplace-thingy I was working on.

Most of them were excited, and some jumped in right away. Later, early August I uploaded a couple of videos on my YouTube channel, telling all the subscribers about the game asset website, that we were looking for people to join, etc.

As I’m typing this now, 12. of August, Game Dev Central is set to launch in about a month, and we have 18 products up, and more than 30 people active on Game Dev Central’s Discord channel – most of them working on game assets to sell. More people are steadily joining, and this is looking very good.

What will happen in the future, no one knows, but to me it seems to be a bright one, and I can safely say all the active creators are enjoying this, and we’re looking forward to the launch.

The future will become past, and will be written here as a part of the True Story Behind Game Dev Central.

I think Game Dev Central will be able to match and perhaps surpass the big ones out there.

NOW – Before the Launch – JOIN US

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I’ll see you on the other side of the game developer central 🙂


Ben Ormstad